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Critical transport and vortex dynamics in a thin atomic Josephson junction

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posted on 2020-01-29, 13:08 authored by Klejdja XhaniKlejdja Xhani, Elettra Neri, Luca Galantucci, Francesco Scazza, Alessia Burchianti, Kean Loon Lee, Carlo Barenghi, Andrea Trombettoni, Massimo Inguscio, Matteo Zaccanti, Giacomo Roati, Nikolaos ProukakisNikolaos Proukakis
The description of the data contained in different files can be found in the file Description_data.txt. The simulations were performed on Newcastle's HPC service Topsy while the experimental data are taken by the experimental group of Li6 at European Laboratory for Non-Linear Spectroscopy (LENS), Florence.



Mathematical Sciences