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Creating LCA models for marine power plants

posted on 2020-01-28, 16:41 authored by AP Roskilly, J Ling-Chin
The environmental implications of marine power plants were assessed via life cycle assessment (LCA). The file presented the underlying data (i.e. standardised coefficients and parameters) used in creating those LCA models, covering manufacturing and metallic scrap handling for components incorporated into the plants. The data were collected and standardised from various sources including Ecoinvent Database (which could not be disclosed here due to restricted term of use), literature, product manual, expert judgement from research consortium, etc. Considering the scale and diversity in power plant designs, technologies and components, the standardised coefficients and parameters were applied consistently in relevant LCA models, which were manipulated further to allow for sensitivity analysis to support life cycle interpretation. Using the results from LCA models created based on the underlying data, a number of journal articles were prepared - each presented a specific research purpose standing alone as a case study or comparative study. Having said that, all articles were related among one another, covering the same subject area i.e. LCA of marine power plants.


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