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Corrosion data for UHF RFID antenna sensor

posted on 2016-01-01, 00:00 authored by J Zhang, GY Tian
The data set includes the forward power and backscattered power from UHF RIFD tag. The data is generated using the RFID platform with an antenna sensor in the variations of frequency (902-928 MHz in a step of 1 MHz) and corrosion samples (6 samples), each of which is repeated for 4 times. The test is to find the minimum forward power (sent by the reader, eq. 3 in the paper) to activate the tag and its corresponding backscattered power (eq. 1 in the paper) from the tag. These two powers are combined to generate the AID (eq. 6 in the paper) to indirectly indicate the impedance of the antenna in wireless. Using the principal component analysis, the features are extracted from the AID and therefore used to detect and characterise the corrosion.


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