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Coherent & incoherent strucutures in fuzzy dark matter halos

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posted on 2023-02-23, 15:19 authored by I-Kang LiuI-Kang Liu, Gerasimos Rigopoulos, Nikolaos ProukakisNikolaos Proukakis


In this data repository, the data for the work "Coherent and incoherent structures in fuzzy dark matter halos", published on MNRAS in 2023 (see arxiv:2211.02565 for preprint), are provided. To support the generality of our discussion, we do not only just provide the data to reproduce our figures but also append the data to generate figures, like Fig. 3 (a) and (b), Fig. 4 and Fig. 7, for all of our merger simulations, which are 10 independent halos for each total mass, namely, the 30 points in this work are all accessible. In addition, the plotting commands are briefly addressed/appended for essential reproductions.

Here the mat files are marked in bold, and the relevant figures are marked with underlines. MATLAB commands are mentioned in italic format. The “ini” variable labels the simulation with a different initial configuration. Please note that such configurations are independent of different M (total mass). For more detail please refer to the attached ReadMe.pdf


Marie Sklodowska- Curie grant agreement No. 897324 (upgradeFDM),

Leverhulme Trust (Grant no. RPG-2021-010)


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