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posted on 2020-02-10, 15:35 authored by James LawJames Law, Josie TulipJosie Tulip, David SaldañaDavid Saldaña,,, Cristina McKeanCristina McKean,,,,,,,,,
This collection all relate to a Practitioner Survey addressing the intervention for children with developmental language disorders carried out under the auspices of Cost Action IS1406 during 2017. The collection includes an introduction to the data collection process, the coding manual and translations of the survey plus the full data set.

It is important that this Practitioner Survey was developed by members of the Cost Action and respondents came from 60 countries across the world. The aim of the survey was to inform the development of services for all children with Developmental Language Disorder and we would ask those downloading and using these data to both pay attention to relevant ethical procedures and be respectful of this intention regarding the children concerned. The study received approval from the ethics committee at Newcastle University in the UK on 18 January 2017 (Ref: 11532/2016) and again we would expect that users of the data would acknowledge this is any publications.

The findings of the survey are summarised in:-

Law, J., McKean, C., Murphy, C-A. & Thordardottir, E. (2019) Managing Children with Developmental Language Disorder: Theory and Practice Across Europe and Beyond London: Routledge.

We would be grateful if you could acknowledge this work and other relevant publications as they become available.

The Cost Action drew to a close in 2019 but the membership has reorganised as the new ECHO group and will continue to share information about interventions for children with Developmental Language Disorders. We encourage people who have used the data from the practitioner survey to share their conclusions with others by writing about them for the website (

We would also like those using the data to acknowledge the source of the data as follows in all peer reviewed and other publications.

"These data were derived from a Practitioner Survey developed by country representative from the 36 countries that made up Cost Action IS1406 entitled Enhancing children's oral language skills across Europe and beyond: A Collaboration focusing on intervention for children learning their first language. We would like to acknowledge their contribution and those of colleagues in their countries who helped develop and translate the materials together with the contribution of the over five thousand survey respondents.”


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