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CHISEL: Item categories from Stage 1 Survey, and Stage 2 Verification

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posted on 2024-05-10, 13:52 authored by Niina KolehmainenNiina Kolehmainen, Victoria Harbottle

The project follows an adapted version of the James Lind Alliance (JLA) Priority Setting Partnership (PSP) approach. It is led by a multidisciplinary project team of paediatric experts and methodologists, in close collaboration with key stakeholders. The main project stages are: 1) Gathering uncertainties via a survey of paediatric experts and methodologists, and qualitative consultation with families, supplemented with an existing list already harvested from the literature. This results in a long-list of challenge and barriers to paediatric trials. 2) Verifying uncertainties by removing out-of-scope items, grouping in-scope items into themes, and creating summary questions that are then checked against existing methods to confirm genuine gaps. 3) Interim priority setting where all stakeholders are invited to review the list and select up to 10 priorities through a national, online survey. 4) Final priority setting to identify the ultimate Top10 priorities. This is through a consensus workshop with shared decision-making between paediatric experts, methodologists and families, using an adapted Delphi meeting approach.

The present document lists the long-list of resulting clusters from the Stage 1 survey, and Stage 2 verification. This is in parallel with the interim priority setting, and separately from the ultimate, resulting overall publication.