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CAD3 and CAD4 spectroscopic data and dye-sensitized solar cells

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posted on 2017-01-01, 00:00 authored by Elizabeth GibsonElizabeth Gibson, F Black, C Wood
This data supports a manuscript which describes a comparison between the photophysical properties of two charge-transfer dyes (CAD3 and CAD4) adsorbed onto NiO via two different binding moieties. Transient spectroscopy measurements suggest that the structure of the anchoring group affects both the rate of charge recombination between the dye and NiO surface and the rate of dye regeneration by an iodide/triiodide redox couple. This is consistent with the performance of the dyes in p-type dye sensitised solar cells. A key finding was that the recombination rate differed in the presence of the redox couple. These results have important implications on the study of electron transfer at dye|semiconductor interfaces for solar energy applications.


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