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At Home with Children: anonymised transcripts

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posted on 2022-10-12, 09:54 authored by Alkistis Pitsikali, Husam Abo Kanon, Sandra Costa Santos, Rosemary ParnellRosemary Parnell, Emily PattinsonEmily Pattinson, Heba Sarhan

Anonymised interview transcripts and summarised results of qualitative semi-structured interviews with 45 families including children - in England or Scotland - who shared a home during at least one of the COVID-19 pandemic UK national lockdowns in 2020.  Interviews were in three parts:
Part 1 explored how families used and adapted their homes during lockdown, which spaces were most important to them and which didn’t work for them.
Part 2 focused on family well-being and its perceived relationship to home space.
Part 3 was dedicated to talking to children about how they used their home during lockdown, including their favourite place to be and anywhere they didn’t like to be.


At Home with Children: Liveable Space for the COVID-19 challenge

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