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An optimised chemisorption cycle for power generation using low grade heat

posted on 01.01.2016, 00:00 authored by H Bao, Z Ma, AP Roskilly
Based on the integrated resorption cycle with a turbine/expander for power generation, an innovative advanced resorption power generation cycle with reheating process was proposed to substantially improve the power output and energy and exergy efficiencies, which can realise continuous waste heat recovery and quasi-continuous power generation. The performance of such an optimised cycle using different sorbent pairs, MnCl2-NaBr, MnCl2-SrCl2 and SrCl2-NaBr, respectively, were parametrically investigated and compared in terms of power generation capacity, energy efficiency and exergy efficiency. The parametrical investigation was conducted using Matlab integrated with the database NIST REFPROP 9.1.


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