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Aggregated Generator Unavailability Data for Northwest European Countries

posted on 2022-01-14, 15:00 authored by Matthew DeakinMatthew Deakin, David GreenwoodDavid Greenwood

This dataset compiles estimated generator unavailability for eight countries in Northwest Europe, plus Spain. The advantages and limitations of the data are described in detail in the paper submitted to the PMAPS 2022 (Manchester) conference, “Comparing Generator Unavailability Models with Empirical Distributions from Open Energy Datasets” (submitted); the code used to generate the csvs in this dataset are provided at

The dataset consists of forced, planned and total outages, calculated by aggregating the unavailabilities reported in an individual balancing zone. An estimate of the uncertainty due to apparent inconsistencies in outage reports is also provided (also described in the paper).


This dataset was funded by the Supergen Energy Network (EP/S00078X/2) through the Climate-Energy Modelling for Assessing Resilience: Heat Decarbonisation and Northwest European Supergrid (CLEARHEADS) ‘Flex Fund’ project.



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