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AddFile2_Msx1 haploinsufficiency modifies the Pax9-null cardiovascular phenotype

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posted on 2021-05-28, 08:28 authored by Ramada R Khasawneh, Ralf Kist, Jurgen Schneider, Timothy MohunTimothy Mohun, Helen M Phillips, Simon BamforthSimon Bamforth
AmiraMesh File from HREMImaging data of embryo 717.7 (Pax9;Msx1 double-null, E15.5 embryo). Shown in panels E, F, G & H in Additional File 2 of the paper "Msx1 haploinsufficiency modifies the Pax9-deficient cardiovascular phenotype" by Khasawneh et al. This file can be loaded into Amira for analysis.


British Heart Foundation PG/16/39/32115