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Accelerated Long Term Forgetting Measures: The Four Doors Test and Crimes Test

posted on 2021-03-18, 12:57 authored by Alan Baddeley, Stephen EvansStephen Evans, Tom LaverickTom Laverick, Mark FreestonMark Freeston
Measures used in the study, namely, The Four Doors Test, The Crimes Test. The measures were developed by Prof. Alan Baddeley and have been used in one published article to date and in the linked data set under resubmission. They were designed to assess Accelerated Long Term Forgetting in both visual (Four Doors) and verbal (Crimes) modes. Test materials and scoring schemes (four parallel forms for each) can be downloaded. For further information, please contact: Professor A D Baddeley, Department of Psychology, University of York, Heslington, YORK, YO10 5DD United Kingdom;



  • Psychology, Psychiatry and Neuroscience