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Porous Microstructure Generator

Version 8 2024-04-12, 12:55
Version 7 2023-08-04, 12:43
Version 6 2023-08-02, 10:31
Version 5 2023-07-28, 13:35
Version 4 2022-12-09, 10:57
Version 3 2022-08-22, 12:55
Version 2 2022-08-12, 08:21
Version 1 2022-08-11, 09:27
posted on 2024-04-12, 12:55 authored by Daniel NiblettDaniel Niblett, Mohamed MamloukMohamed Mamlouk, Omar Emmanuel Godinez Brizuela, Senyou AnSenyou An

Porous Microstructure Generator (PMG) is a GUI software that can generate computational 3D structures of porous materials using a set of customised algorithms. The surfaces can be exported as .tiff or .stl for use in other simulation software.

NOTE: April 2024 update - in order to track user data to enable future funding and updates, please complete form In provided link for free license.

Feedback for PMG license

If the app asks for license file then complete the form and wait for email containing license. PMG 2.0 will not ask for this file again, as long as its path/name is not changed. If you do not give a valid license, it will shutdown.

Download file for installer of the PMG - Porous Microstructure Generator. This requires Matlab Runtime, which will be downloaded from the web automatically once you open the installer file (.app for macOS and .exe for windows).

You do not need matlab installed to run the tool. This download contains both mac and windows versions.


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